Big 8

8seriesI wish they would bring this one back! In 1989, BMW unveiled their new “Boulevard Cruiser”, the 850ci. This shark nosed beauty growled to life with a 12 cylinder engine and could reach speeds of 155mph. Much to BMW’s surprise, consumer hysteria ensued. After the 850′s unveiling at the Frankfurt auto show that year, over 5,000 orders rolled in for this high performance machine. With demand for the car far outweighing supply, some paid double the $100,000 price tag for this ride to avoid waiting 6 months. Some waited 3 years for theirs. Amidst the hype, interest for the 8-series waned mostly due to the hefty price tag and the fact that the 80′s and that decades lavish consumer mindset had come to a close. By 1999 the 8-series was done. Personally, I would love to see BMW bring this back!!

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