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Big 8

I wish they would bring this one back! In 1989, BMW unveiled their new “Boulevard Cruiser”, the 850ci. This shark nosed beauty growled to life with a 12 cylinder engine and could reach speeds of 155mph. Much to BMW’s surprise, … Continue reading

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M-mazing – M1

This is the first in a series on BMW fabled “M” line of vehicles. “M” stands for Motorsport, which is BMW’s high performance division. 1978 brought the first production “M” car, appropriately titled M1. Between then and 1981 only 456 … Continue reading

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Super Supercar

Just when you thought street legal supercars had reached their pinnacle, leave it to Bugatti raise the bar. The Bugatti Veyron, released in 2005, was by far the most powerful production car ever seen packing a mind-blowing 1001hp, a top … Continue reading

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Crossover Concept

The first concept images of BMW’s next crossover coupe, the X4, have begun to crop up. Due to hit the streets later this year, the X4 will snugly fill the void between BMW’s X3 and X5 models.  It can be … Continue reading

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Porsche’s Green Super Sedan

Photo: Porsche   Later this year, Porsche will be unleashing their very first plug-in hybrid – the Panamera S E Hybrid.  A significant jump from Porsche’s previous model, the S Hybrid, the S E sports a newly redesigned electric motor … Continue reading

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Welcome to the official blog of European Auto House!  This blog will be your home for fun facts, racing history, new developments in the world of automobiles and more! Let’s start it off with today’s date in BMW history.  7 … Continue reading

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