M-Mazing – Sharknose

bmw-m-635-csi-03Next up in our series on BMW’s M-Powered cars: the M635csi or M6 for short. First appearing in 1983, this high powered version of BMW’s grand touring coupe sported the same 24 valve in-line six cylinder engine as the M1 supercar. With it’s protruding front end, the car was nicknamed the “Sharknose”.  Various improvements and changes were made inside and out during the 6 years that the M6 was produced resulting in many different variations on the car in the U.S. and abroad.  The striking look and raw power of this car still hold up today, in this author’s opinion.

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Gran Lusso Coupe Unveiled!

bmw-pininfarina-gran-lusso-coupe_100428292_l bmw-pininfarina-gran-lusso-coupe_100428282_l bmw-pininfarina-gran-lusso-coupe_100428281_l bmw-pininfarina-gran-lusso-coupe_100428278_l



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popolna-eleganca-bmw-pininfarina-gran-lusso-coupéThis just in from Cernobbio, Italy: Pininfarina, the Italian design responsible for a multitude of your favorite jaw-dropping Ferraris, has announced collaboration with BMW on a new concept car. Set to be unveiled next week, the Gran Lusso Coupe will be a one off concept car with no plans for production. The V-12 powered coupe will be on display along with other concept and vintage rides at the annual Concorso d’Eleganza. Held at a magnificent villa on the shores of Lake Como, the Concorso d’Eleganza is a showcase of automotive masterpieces. We can’t wait to get a look at the Gran Lusso Coupe next week!

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M-mazing – M535i



Next up in our series on the legendary “M” vehicles… the BMW M535i!  Unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in 1979, the M535i wowed the masses with it’s upgraded engine along with aerodynamic improvements. The M535i sported the same 3.5 liter in-line 6 engine as the E23 735i and E24 635i models. Unfortunately for drivers on this side of the pond, the engine was not available with a catalyst and did not meet U.S. emissions requirements. Perhaps, because of this, the M535i was only produced until 1981.

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Big 8

8seriesI wish they would bring this one back! In 1989, BMW unveiled their new “Boulevard Cruiser”, the 850ci. This shark nosed beauty growled to life with a 12 cylinder engine and could reach speeds of 155mph. Much to BMW’s surprise, consumer hysteria ensued. After the 850′s unveiling at the Frankfurt auto show that year, over 5,000 orders rolled in for this high performance machine. With demand for the car far outweighing supply, some paid double the $100,000 price tag for this ride to avoid waiting 6 months. Some waited 3 years for theirs. Amidst the hype, interest for the 8-series waned mostly due to the hefty price tag and the fact that the 80′s and that decades lavish consumer mindset had come to a close. By 1999 the 8-series was done. Personally, I would love to see BMW bring this back!!

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M-mazing – M1


This is the first in a series on BMW fabled “M” line of vehicles. “M” stands for Motorsport, which is BMW’s high performance division. 1978 brought the first production “M” car, appropriately titled M1. Between then and 1981 only 456 M1 were built making it one of the rarest Bimmers. Originally, BMW commissioned exotic sports car manufacturer Lamborghini to build the car, but BMW eventually took over after 7 prototypes were built. This exotic looking speedster is the only mass produced BMW. The sleek, sexy M1 begins the long storied tradition of BMW’s high performance “M” cars.

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Super Supercar


Just when you thought street legal supercars had reached their pinnacle, leave it to Bugatti raise the bar. The Bugatti Veyron, released in 2005, was by far the most powerful production car ever seen packing a mind-blowing 1001hp, a top speed of over 250mph and a $1.7M price tag. This beast rocks an 8.0 litre quad turbo charged W-16 engine launching it from 0-60 in under 3 seconds. A replacement transmission alone costs $120,000! Well now, Bugatti has released this teaser photo of the Super Veyron.  Reported to have wheels made entirely of carbon fiber, among other new technologies, Bugatti was somehow able to shave off 550 lbs from the weight of the original Veyron.  Combine that with a 9.6 liter incarnation of the W-16 and you get a reported 1,600hp and the ability to hit 60mph from a dead stop in 1.8 seconds. How will anyone be able to top this? Maybe a car so fast it’s able to travel back in time? Who knows! For now, the Super Veyron will have to do. Only if you have an extra $2.5M at your disposal!

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Crossover Concept


The first concept images of BMW’s next crossover coupe, the X4, have begun to crop up. Due to hit the streets later this year, the X4 will snugly fill the void between BMW’s X3 and X5 models.  It can be seen the flesh (steel) at the 2013 Shanghai auto show next week.  BMW has yet to share any specs on this model, but we’ll surely find out next week.  Also note, the X4 will be built right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. at BMW’s Spartanburg, South Carolina plant.

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Porsche’s Green Super Sedan


Photo: Porsche


Later this year, Porsche will be unleashing their very first plug-in hybrid – the Panamera S E Hybrid.  A significant jump from Porsche’s previous model, the S Hybrid, the S E sports a newly redesigned electric motor giving the car a staggering 416 horsepower and 435 pound-feet of torque.  Porsche has jettisoned their nickel hydride battery in favor of the ever popular lithium ion variety.  This denser, more energy efficient battery allows the car to drive up to 20 miles on one charge, taking only 2.5 hours to power up. The juiced up joyride goes from 0-60 in 5.2 seconds with a top speed of 167mph. And it looks great while doing it!  However, this is no Prius we’re talking about with a projected price tag of $99,000 when it hits the streets later this year.  Porsche hasn’t released the mileage figures for the S E yet, but it’s sure to save some dough at the pump.   Though Porsche’s foray into hybrids has some purists grumbling, this sedan from the sages at Stuttgart is sure to change their minds!

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Welcome to the official blog of European Auto House!  This blog will be your home for fun facts, racing history, new developments in the world of automobiles and more!


Let’s start it off with today’s date in BMW history.  7 years ago today, April 4th, 2006, BMW began production on the super cool and newly redesigned M coupe!  This sweet little ride packs a whopping 330hp! The fact that it shared many components of the M3, meant enthusiasts were opting for that instead and sales of the previous M coupe were slow.  Due to that fact, the M coupes retain more of their value than other BMW since the E30 M3!  So if you come across one of these babies, snatch it up!

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